Bermuda’s (re) insurance industry is high-profile, technically demanding and eminently specialized—we have top-tier talent with the applicable capabilities and knowledge to deliver on your business needs.

For further information, please contact David Porter at or (441) 295-7653.

What we do:

Underwriting/Broking Services
Temporary cover for underwriting roles, short term contracts for busy periods, maternity cover, and other expedient underwriting duties.

Contract Wording Review
Evaluation of existing policy forms and endorsements along with development of new policy forms and endorsements with legal and claims reviews.

Risk Analysis
Evaluation of insurance applications to determine coverage amounts, what terms to use and the opportunity to provide fully completed documentation within 72 hours of underwriting submission.

(Re) Insurance Business Planning
Enhancing business ideas, identifying potential markets and market values, and developing an action plan for taking the idea to market. Validation of business concepts and ideas via interviews with potential end-users, purchasers and market opinion leaders. Improvements, next steps and other recommendations are reported and presented.

Internal/External Underwriting Review
Improvement of underwriting risk decisions and claims adjudication by ensuring adherence to underwriting requirements, either through working in-office or remotely.

Change Management
Develop/clarify chain of control in the company and establish routines for CEO, Management Team and Board of Directors.

Policy and Workflow Process Review
Identifying areas to improve and develop policy and business workflows. Provide actionable insights to improve underwriting capabilities. Includes resource planning with the ability to add or remove underwriting resources in line with business volumes.